Agates from Yachats Bring Sunshine and Beauty to the Oregon Coast…

by | May 21, 2021

One of the most beautiful gifts on the coast is the abundance of agates that often escape the eye unless you are looking closely. The big ones are easy, but not always recognized by the folks strolling along on the rocky beaches like Fogarty Beach near Depoe Bay…

Yachats is Always Good for a Couple of Agates!

How are agates formed?

“Agate minerals have the tendency to form on or within pre-existing rocks, creating difficulties in accurately determining their time of formation.[6] Their host rocks have been dated to have formed as early as the Archean Eon. Agates are most commonly found as nodules within the cavities of volcanic rocks. These cavities are formed from the gases trapped within the liquid volcanic material forming vesicles.[7] Cavities are then filled in with silica-rich fluids from the volcanic[7] material, layers are deposited on the walls of the cavity slowly working their way inwards.[8]

Here in Little Whale Cove, Judy and hunt for agates, moat are small, though. We make amazing driftwood art pieces with a mix of agates, pebbles and shells. Anyone with a mindful soul and passion can do this, no doubt…

Some folks tumble agates like Brenda Kime in Yachats. We haven’t tried that yet. But some do tumle agates in our neighborhood. It’s a passion and labor of love…

Be careful, agates and beachcombing will make you forget about everything else. Maybe that’s a good thing. Right?

“Moon Over Sleeping Lady”
We made this piece from a vision from our life in Icicle Valley near Leavenworth, Washington

We hope this little introduction to a wonderful way to dream and imagine moves your soul. The beauty and mystery of Planet Earth speaks to us in ways so spiritual we can’t explain.

Cecille E Kennedy, Depoe Bay, Oregon

Go out to your favorite spot on the coast and seek peace and love too… God speaks to us there like no other experience you can imagine.

Live and love in the moment. Dream your dreams by the sea near you..

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma
Do you see agates? What do you see? What do you feel?

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