A “Sanctuary” in The White Tank Mountains…

by | Apr 29, 2022

The “Golden Years” of good health & new adventures…


Water? Yes!

“The White Tank Mountains are a mountain range in central Arizona. The mountains are on the western periphery of the Phoenix metropolitan area, primarily flanked by the suburban cities of Buckeye to the southwest, and Surprise to the northeast.

The mountain range is home to the White Tank Mountain Regional Park and is a regional recreation hub.”

We’ll be back to the coast when Summer begs

We imagine the White Tank Mountains getting a fill up when the Monsoons come. I can also see the ‘tanks’ in the range that catch the rainwater, just like a reservoir. The desert needs a sustainable water source for life to thrive.

Judy and I celebrated 38 years of marriage together on April 21st. It’s time to retire to a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle in the desert. We’ve lived in the mountains near Leavenworth, Wa, and on the Central Oregon Coast for over 30 years, so blessed and grateful. We now move to the Sonora where the Saguaro reigns.

Some will ask, “why move there with all the heat?” The average temperature is 70’s/80s during the fall, winter, spring months. We plan to be back along the coast during the hottest months, like most oldsters who exit the Phoenix area by late June.

I’m deeply inspired by desert life, and the diversity of the Sonora. Life thrives here, with water and food in abundance, as it is stored in the cacti, and used sparingly to survive the long drought.

The Saguaro has the capacity to store enough water to survive almost 2 years. We should learn something about water conservation in the desert, I believe.

We go in peace and in pretty good health for 70 somethings. I believe Oregon has been good for our hearts, souls and bodies.

Come with us on our journey to the Sonora and the White Tank Mountains. More stories and updates coming.

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