A message of hope for young adults experiencing depression… My own experience as a young man on the brink until receiving urgent care…

by | Jul 28, 2013

Suicide risk among young adults…  Quote from this website…

“As we know all too well, young people have a higher suicide rate than their elders, and males more so than females. This info-graphic is for those needing a one page graphic summary of the grim facts of depression and suicide among young people.”


As an 18 year old young man in the US Navy in 1965, I was very lucky!  Thanks to the excellent tender loving care (TLC) by US Navy mental health professionals, I am here today at 67 living a healthy, happy, and productive life with a loving family and friends at my side…  I know now from receiving my medical records from that time that traumatic experiences from childhood years and as a young adult took its toll.  I did not know it at the time but my lifetime journey of healing started because W. F. Miner, LCDR. MC USN in May of 1965 was paying attention.  I am very thankful for Mr. Miner’s thorough evaluation and treatment to help me through a most critical and risky period in my life.

I found a couple of references to W. F. Miner USN.  His service to America and contributions as a mental health professional appear to be substantial.  He along with D. S. Burgoyne CDR MC USN, Psychiatrist, were both instrumental in my treatment and transition.  I have a much better appreciation and gratitude for the mental health community after reviewing my medical records from long ago.  We hear mostly of the statistics presented in the above chart, but not always about the lives saved every day by caring mental health professionals everywhere.  I only wish I could find these two heroes from my US Navy experience and thank them personally for saving my life…

Steve Sparks
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