“8 Pieces Of Wisdom From Winnie The Pooh, A Bear Stuffed With Fluff (PHOTOS)”

by | Aug 17, 2013

“A Bear Stuffed With Fluff”

Eight pieces of wisdom from Winnie the Pooh…

“On the days when you need it most, cheering yourself up can be an impossible task. When your go-to moves aren’t working, you may need to turn to an unexpected source — maybe even a bear named Pooh.  With a sunny disposition and a tummy full of honey, he believes “nobody can be un-cheered with a balloon.” Want more simple statements of joy to brighten your day? Click through the slideshow on this website for some inspiring words that will keep you merry throughout the week.”


We all need something lighter on a Saturday after a full and hopefully rewarding week.  I had the kind of week that felt fulfilling enough, but was overwhelmed and overloaded.  I had trouble getting good sleep last night even though my body and mind were both exhausted.  But the “Pooh” slideshow was a welcome distraction and a great way to get the day started, much later than normal….already afternoon for me…  Enjoy!

Steve Sparks
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