Trauma Informed Leadership in Non-profit Organizations with Tim Vaughan… click here now for Tim’s video podcast!

I’m delighted to introduce my friend and colleague Tim Vaughan. Tim and I met on LinkedIn. I use that a lot. 

We started a conversation about building a ‘Trauma Informed’ culture for non-profit organizations and others.

The similar challenges and patterns in rural New Hampshire and Lincoln County Oregon struck me as a “wow, ahha moment!” You know what I mean. We’ve all done this together as a community. 

Tim gave me a bright green light to share his masterful work on our behalf, with all who have a passion for this work. I’m proud to have some part in this, as a cheer leader.

Please communicate directly with Tim with questions and conversations.

Please join me in thanking Tim Vaughan. A star is born!
My very best,

Steve Sparks, Sparks Associates 

Children and Families in Life After Traum

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma
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