“Spot” The Nutty Newt


It’s fun to learn about our Newt friends from the rain forests on the coast. I started to learn about Nettie Newt from my pal, Jason Evans, awhile back when he sent me a photo of Nettie Newt when he was on a hike up Immonen Rd near Salishan. He was with Cooper and Willow, friends of Nettie Newt…

While Judy and I drove up the Immonen a couple of weeks ago, we spotted a lonely male Newt named, Spot, the Nutty Newt.

Newt’s breed in ponds nearby once a year. Nettie Newt, we thought, might be lonely and looking for a mate. So we convinced Spot, the Nutty Newt, to go with us to meet Nettie Newt. He agreed with that excited look as if it was that time of the year.

After we arrived at Nettie Newt’s home further up the Immonen Rd, we went straight to Nettie Newt who was waiting patiently on her usual perch. When she saw Spot, she knew right away, he was her man…

Nettie Newt then raced off to the pond nearby while Spot, the Nutty Newt, chased after her. You know, a courtship ensued…We think it was “love at first sight,” they say…

Nettie and Spot disappeared below the surface for their honeymoon in the rain forest in the shallow pond where little Newts are born…

We’ll return in 3 weeks after the little Newts are swimming about in the pond. We see how Nettie and Spot are doing with their new family. Newts are so critical to nature’s ecosystem. Be sure to never step on or harm Newts.

Newts are resilient and grow limbs back. Don’t you wish we humans could do that?

Steve and Judy Sparks
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