“Sea Thrift” Most Beautiful Blooms on Oregon’s Coast!

Photo…Brenda Kime


Little Cove Sea Thrift


I can’t imagine more beautiful blooms in the spring than Sea Thrift! I stand in a trance, fixated in the moment, by the beauty of red blooms in the afternoon sun…

“The distribution of this flower is what scientists call circumpolar. It can be found occurring in the wild near and in coastal areas across the Northern Hemisphere, while you can also find it growing in parts of South America.

From dry, saline, sandy conditions as are found in coastal areas, Sea Thrift can adapt and grow in grasslands and salty marshes to inland mountain rocks and salted roadsides; the species’ middle name is perseverance.”

As I walk up the coast trail in the early spring, the little pink reddish buds start to appear, on the cliff by the sea. God welcomes new life to the coast. It is the magic and sense of a miracle about to happen in full bloom by the sea…

Sea Thrift on the cliff by the sea…
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