“Furry Loved Ones and Wildlife Friends Who Touch Our Hearts” Zoom readings w/ Steve ‘n Judy

Hey friends, colleagues and loved ones,

Judy and I, invite you to participate in Zoom readings and conversation. Groups of 6-8 are ideal. We anticipate a fun, uplifting, and engaging 45 minutes or so.

Our thoughts about content… The metaphors will teach and remind the participants of kindness, love and empathy. Some others might be tiny triggers but with a “stop bullies” message. Read “Roco Raccoon and The Rockettes from Radio City” in my book.

It would really be good fun if everyone attending downloaded the book to read before the show. A $4.00 investment will be worth it. You’ll have your tablet or smartphone with “Furry Loved Ones” to read with us…

We plan to facilitate a conversation about the metaphors and messages. Sound like fun?

Your needs and suggestions prior to the Zoom call will be most welcome. We can weave your input into the conversation…

Send your questions and request to me at the below email address…

With kindness and love,

Steve and Judy Sparks


Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma
“Ricky Raccoon’s” kids at play…
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