Re-elect Lincoln County Oregon Commissioner Claire Hall! Experience, passion, commitment…

Lincoln County Oregon Commissioner Claire Hall

I can say with a high level of confidence from my own professional experience working with Commissioner Hall for many years in our County and region that she works harder than anyone I’ve ever known. She knows how to make things happen and empowers others, like me, to execute.

We desperately need her wisdom, compassion, executive leadership and full time commitment, especially now during the COVID19 pandemic.

We wouldn’t be where we are in Lincoln County if Commissioner Hall had not pulled out all the stops during her tenure to bring community partners and stakeholders together in strengthening community based organizations to serve the most vulnerable population.

As a result of Commissioner Hall’s steadfast leadership, we are much better prepared to lead as a County. We increased capacity in recent years to provide community based mental health and peer support services to the most vulnerable citizens. In this way we are able to provide a comprehensive continuum of care to the most vulnerable population, the highest users health care services.

We accomplished this in partnership with Samaritan Health Services, Lincoln County Health and Human Services, Sheriff Curtis Landers, Community Justice, Courts and other critical community partners.

Most importantly and critically, we need to be mindful as citizens of the value of experience during a time of national public health and economic crises. From my own direct experience, Commissioner Hall knows how to navigate the complex landscape of County and State government, and execute effectively. We need Claire at the helm!

Re-elect Commissioner Claire Elizabeth Hall! Experience, passion and commitment!

Steve Sparks
Sparks Associates

Steve Sparks, Community Building/Business Transformation….”Bulding Healthy Communities w/Love”

Mental Health First Aid for Seniors and Loved Ones…

Mental Health First Aid for Older Adults  from NYC Health…City of New York

Go to…Mental Health First Aid 8 hour training…  The Mental Health First Aid USA for Older Adults curriculum is primarily focused on information participants can use to help adults ages 65 and over.

I didn’t know until being certified as a Mental Health First Aid Adult Trainer in 2016 that mental health and depression in older adults is often ignored or dismissed. I also didn’t know that among the elderly population, aging white males commit suicide in America at a 98% higher rate than all others.  I was actually shocked at first but now understand (Colorado State University report). “In the United States, older men of European descent (so-called white men) have significantly higher suicide rates than any other demographic group. For example, their suicide rates are significantly higher than those of older men of African, Latino or Indigenous descent, as well as relative to older women across ethnicities.”

Depression is the culprit, especially for those who have difficulty being as opposed to doing.  I consider myself in the category of an older white male who loves living in the moment or being, but also thrives in doing the things I care about.  

When my own retirement became a reality, it was very tough to find the the new chapter of doing something that provided me with the same ego fulfilling experience as did my long corporate and business career.  I found after experimenting with volunteer work in the community and public service that making a difference for others gave me the balance needed to thrive and preserve a healthy mind and body.  

We older Americans, by choice, can map out our lives by being ourselves in the context of all we care about, including pursuing professional and vocational outlets for continued growth and personal rewards.  

We can also take in the romance and adventure offered in life by fulfilling your bucket list of the amazing places to visit and explore around the globe or at home.  There are so many things to do as we age, assuming our good health is maintained.

For me, getting older is a privilege…many never see the morning sun of old age.  We owe to ourselves and others to show the way with our wisdom until the very last day of our lives…

Judy and Steve Sparks, Children and Family Advocates…

What Have Them Boomers Learned is Anyones’ Guess…

Steve Sparks, Author, Busness Transformation Consultant, Mental Health Advocate

“It’s a failure of morality that drives greed, loss of empathy and compassion.” Steve Sparks..Apr1, 2020

As this thought occurred to me, I started thinking about my own life experience… While at the same time watching the Coronavirus pandemic unfold like a horror movie I once watched in a drive-in outdoor theater long ago. I remember…while it was entertaining, sitting closer to the girlfriend in my dreams, I didn’t give it a second thought just like all the scifi and horror movies back then. We worried about the A Bomb back then.

But this virus thing we can’t see is the real deal global crisis nobody thought much about as citizens. Even for an ol’ surf duude and vet like me, this is stunning and demands the very best of the best at the helm. I trust that we will get through this together as one people.

I’m mostly reminded of what I’ve learned along the way about morality and greed and the war between balancing the two to save our souls. I see it now in fighting this COVID19 pandemic behind the ‘8 ball’ as it were.

Success and super greed kicked in big time for me and most of my friends and colleagues during a high flying era of rock n roll and freedom of spirit during the crazy 70s. You know, long time ago. Although feeling like a ’60 IQ greed head’ didn’t feel right back then, I jumped in with both feet without good shoes and mostly naked morality.

My, my, my boomer brothers and sisters, have we lost our souls?

And I was not alone by a long shot. We came out of a depressed post WWII Korean War period. We were going to build a better place.

But then the ‘rich and famous’ dream of the early technology boom and heart pounding greed distracted many of us, certainly not all for Gods sake!

As we boomers have gotten older we hope to evolve and stay open to change. After all we invented everything IT. We love change, maybe…

I’m probably not the only 70 something that finds peace of mind, not in the old 1965 Chevy, surfboards, wild stuff and dreams of being rich and famous, but in dear friends and loved ones along with the loving communities where we live as one family.

We can’t wait to be able to hug our friends and neighbors again! See you all soon! Hugs from a distance…

Judy and Steve Sparks, Depoe Bay, Oregon