Vote Yes Measure 21-186! Lincoln County Oregon’s Investment in Smart on Crime…

Vote Yes Lincoln County Public Safety Measure 21-186

As a Lincoln County citizen and member of the Sheriff’s Community Advisory Group, I can speak intelligently about law enforcement and public safety.  Lincoln County law enforcement and public safety resources work most effectively as a strong collaboration, a continuum of essential services.  It is a true partnership between city police departments, state & federal, fire houses, emergency services, ambulance, hospitals and the County Sheriff. The larger and more critical goal is to improve the safety and quality of life for all citizens, including the most needy who frequent the County Jail. Measure 21-186 is a good investment at the right time. The expanded services from the Sheriff will help reduce recidivism in the County Jail; and promote community treatment and recovery. Measure 21-186 is a “smart on crime” approach that is spreading across communities all over Oregon and America. Vote yes on Measure 21-186 to make Lincoln County Oregon a stronger and safer community for all residents and frequent visitors of this beautiful coastal region.

Steve Sparks Author, Speaker, Consultant Depoe Bay Oregon