“How all of us can help veterans…” Paula J. Caplan, Author, “When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home…” The tragic impact of stigma!

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“How all of us can help veterans…”  

Paula J. Caplan interview video clip…  Quote from Steve Sparks remarks regarding interview…

“This interview really helps with understanding the unfair & tragic impact of mental health “stigma” that prevents veterans from seeking treatment & getting hired following honorable military service. I was not hired in 1965 by a fortune company, General Telephone & Telegraph (GTE) following my honorable separation from the US Navy. My mental health diagnosis of severe depression and anxiety was noted on the DD214! It felt like my life was over! I was fortunately hired by the Western Union Telegraph Company who judged me on my vocational training & experience, including honorable service as a Radioman in the US Navy. I spent my entire career in the IT/telecom industry, was very successful, and earned big bucks. It was General Tel’s loss not hiring me to be sure…but it was company policy at the time… The stigma still haunts veterans who are diagnosed with PTSD. Thank you Paula Joan Caplan!” www.livingwithptsd-sparkles.blogspot.com 

Steve Sparks
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