Women in Combat…James Robert Webb…USMC Infantry Sgt, Embedded Photographer for Parade Magazine…

James Robert Webb

VA, United States

USMC Infantry Sgt, Embedded Photographer for Parade Magazine @sgtjrwebb on twitter
#Infantry #Marine. Embedded Photographer. Writer. History buff. Miscreant. Athlete. Hockey and Baseball nerd. Generally good dude.

http://puckingninja.blogspot.com/2013/02/women-in-infantry.html Quotes from this website…

“Furthermore, if you look at American culture, the ‘beta’ male has become the norm, or even the social ideal. While James Dean, or John Wayne used to be the ‘ideal’ American male, we now have Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake. Gone is the man’s man. This is no accident.”

“On the flip side, the Infantry is an old school, ‘man’s man’ environment. Furthermore, the majority of Americans have never even met an Infantryman, let alone know what it takes to make a unit effective in combat.”

More food for thought on this most important subject, “Women in Combat.”  As a journalist and blogger, my goal is to share ideas and opinions of those who are or have been deployed in combat while serving America.  My blog posts regarding this subject this past week have set records in website page reviews.  The high level of interest motivates me to share more.  I would love to hear from other combat veterans, especially the brave women warriors who have served in combat in the past or currently deployed. 

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Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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