Suicide rates among soldiers becoming even more alarming! Quote from this site…

“Soldiers killed themselves at a rate faster than one per day in July, the Army announced Thursday. There were 38 deaths either confirmed or suspected as suicides, the highest one-month tally in recent Army history, the service said.”

One theory for the higher rate of suicide is that with the draw-down of troops from combat, soldiers are spending more time at home and the emotional challenges connected with readjustment are troublesome to say the least.  Once a soldier returns home to begin life after war, it is critical for the community where he/she resides to provide the close care and attention they need to regain the right balance with the natural moral compass.  Help them find a new mission!  Get them involved with readjustment in highly proactive ways.  Get them engaged in making a difference and helping others.  Don’t ever let a soldier feel like a stranger to their own community!  With a little “soul feeding” from the local community, there is a much better chance for returning combat veterans to resume a happy, healthy and productive civilian life after war…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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