“Poetry Dissects PTSD by Healing Emotions– Not Reliving the Trauma”


Quote from the above site…

“The thing about experiencing past trauma, (PTSD) is that it is an equal opportunity Mental Health Disorder. It can take over victims of domestic violence, war Veterans, and even children of all races and cultures. My own anthology I put in rhyme that comes from connecting with the Divine that has healed me and can most certainly heal the special groups I have mentioned. Since we all share the same enemy of FEAR I thought we could also share the same WEAPON to defeat it through inspired rhyme to connect to the Source of all joy and hope for living in the present and leaving the past behind us.”

Risa’s poetry is inspiring and healing as an additional resource to help those who suffer from the symptoms of PTSD & moral injury…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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