UK History – Korean War – “In Service of the Queen”

Making a new friend, Bruce Martin, in the UK is a blessing.  I introduced Bruce this last week in my blog,  The Queens Diamond Jubilee,0,1915500.story seems far more important to me now.  I am learning about towns like Worcester, home of Worcestershire Sauce.   It is so easy to be focused inwardly at the expense of appreciating some really important history that directly affected America during the Korean War, right around the beginning of Queen Elizabeth’s 60 year reign.  As told in the above article/link from BBC News in 2001 the British fought in Korea side by side with America, as they always have in every war and conflict.  I was almost 6 years old, and Dad was serving aboard the USS Andromeda during the Korean War.   The British people are great friends and we Americans need to appreciate them more than we do, especially honoring our “mates in arms” who served with American soldiers during the Korean War.  The Queen’s Jubilee looks like a blast with parades and concerts, including lots of cool history we can all learn from.  I can’t wait to Skype next week with my new friend, Bruce Martin, and get the highlights from his perspective.  I’ll report back to my followers then with an update.

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation, A Son’s Story

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