Troops coming home from Iraq suffer additional stress and often anger, worsening the symptoms of PTSD

I write in my book, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story, how my Dad, Vernon H. Sparks seemed to get worse as the years went by following his return from 66 months of combat at the end of WWII.  He didn’t get a whole lot of support from his family.  No one understood.  They thought he was a war hero and could take anything thrown at him.  Not so folks!  My Dad along with thousands of combat weary veterans since then all need tender loving care (TLC).  Keep this in mind when you begin helping your loved ones transition back to civilian life.  Don’t ignore them or avoid talking to them.  They will not talk about their experiences unless you take a step to hear them out and listen.  That’s right, LISTEN.

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Steve Sparks