Beyond the Battle Field by David Wood, Huffington Post

The above link takes you to the Huffington Post and an excerpt from a book, I would recommend.  Of course, this would be in addition to my book, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story, a highly recommended read as well.  The author looks at returning wounded combat veterans of today and how they adjust to severe injuries and the symptoms of PTSD.  I am a big supporter of taking advantage of all the excellent reading and resources possible to become more aware of the crippling symptoms of PTSD.  The treatment and medications make you cry instead of being angry.  I am experiencing this transition myself.  I would rather trade in anger for crying any day of the week.  The anger that builds up with PTSD is painful, entirely too painful along with the anxiety that goes with it.  Take care.

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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