“Reconciliation, A Son’s Story,” author, Steve Sparks finds a publisher!

Click on the below site and see my Publisher, John McClure, Signalman Publishing, interviewed on CNN regarding the Borders Books shut down story.   Still doing much editing and fine tuning, but now developing a publishing and marketing plan.  Still hard to believe this is happening…  Just last December 2010 my daughter, Bianca, challenged me to teach her family more about my own history.  I was really delighted that Bianca felt she and her family needed to know me better.  I have not done a very good job over the years talking about my family and our experiences, especially my own past.  That will all change soon!  Reconciliation, A Son’s Story is first a gift to my family and is also destined to be a best selling book.  We are proceeding with lots of optimism, the only way!


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