The gift of unconditional love is a blessing and critical to healing from mental or physical wounds.

This excerpt from my book, Reconciliation, A Son’s Story,  honors my wife Judy on this day, her birthday, and the gift of unconditional love.  I’m a very lucky man!
“When Judy looked at me in the eyes and said that she would leave me if I didn’t stop drinking, I was shocked.  From that point 11 years ago on August 12, 2000 to this day, our 27th anniversary, April 21, 2011, alcohol has not been part of my life.  There was no way I would give up the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.  And the days ahead got better and better.  Medications worked to help me with pain for severe arthritis and were also beneficial to address PTSD symptoms.  I kept my promise to Judy and to Sarah not to drink alchohol anymore.  They both have supported me 100% and helped me through the early part of the transition.  Fortunately, I just quit and received some therapy and did not have to deal with the addiction problems that can make a recovery far more difficult.  I was lucky.  I do think unconditional love has been a strong enough motivation to give me that extra strength to recover and to stay strong.”
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