How does it feel when healing is in motion?

Following is an excerpt from my book, Reconciliation, A Son’s Story

“I know from my own experience as a survivor of inter-generational PTSD that the pain at times is overwhelming and highly challenging to treat and mitigate.  In my case, life has felt like a race to get somewhere fast, but never fast enough.  If I slowed down for just a moment, the knot in my gut would return bringing on anxiety and the drive to get back into the race to nowhere.  I did not know how to relax and be at peace until later in my life.  It was not until I could spend most of my time in retirement thinking about others and helping others that the anxiety started to subside.  Admittedly, medications to relieve anxiety and depression if used correctly have been a huge help to me over the years.  I can well understand how brain chemistry can be adjusted to bring relief to symptoms.  Having an exercise regimen all my adult life has been a natural medication for relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression as well.  The one bad medication to stay away from is alcohol, period.”

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