Romance in Hawaii as a young sailor and surf dude was the best treatment for PTSD symptoms.

The following excerpt from my book, Reconciliation, A Son’s Story, reminds me of the wonders and excitement of romance in Hawaii.

“I was having fun, too much fun and working 12 on 12 off, 24 off, 12 on 12 off with a 72 hour break.  Living in Waikiki with 5 other sailors was great too.  I would stay on the base during my 12 hour shifts; take off to the beach for romance and surfing during the long weekends.  I loved the girls who came over for spring break or after graduating from high school.  It was love at first sight just about every other two weeks or so.
My big emotional challenge during that memorable experience back in the summer of 1964 in Hawaii was falling in love with a beautiful young lady, named Sheryl.  She came over for an entire month for her HS graduation.  She was tall and slender and very sexy.  I met other girls during my stay, but Sheryl was the one that really got my attention.  We fell in love right away, and spent the next 30 days or so experiencing a wonderful romance in Hawaii.  I loved every moment of her company, and couldn’t wait for my next time away from the base to be with her.  It was difficult staying on the base while working.  I unwisely used my short 24 hour break and took off for Waikiki even though there wasn’t a whole lot of time. 

More often than not I raced down to Waikiki to be with her for a few hours during 12 hour breaks.  I didn’t want to miss a moment to spend with Sheryl.  She was absolutely the best thing that happened to me during my Navy experience in Hawaii.  Even surfing took a back seat for awhile.  Sleeping became less of a priority as well.  Love clearly releases an abundance of energy in a young man.  I was already a skinny dude and probably lost another 10 lbs during this high energy period.  This experience simply took my breath away.”