1st Responders live with memories of traumatic incidents and face a high level of stress…

by | Aug 21, 2013

1st responders keep us safe at home…”Reaching4thelight.”  Quote from this website…

“The reality of the situation is this… We don’t get enough education on ourselves. Every firefighter knows how to put out a fire. Every cop is meticulous on his car stops; every medic can do an IV in seconds, but when it comes to mental health we are way behind.  With the everyday stressors that First Responders go through on a daily basis, it should be no surprise that some crack under the pressure. It does not need to be this way. With the right education and self awareness, we can make a difference and stop seeing lives lost because of mental health issues.”

“Follow the Light”

Take time each day to honor the 1st responders in your community.  Just about every day we hear sirens in the distance no matter where we are in urban or rural communities.  It is no different here on the Oregon coast with the very busy Hwy101, a 400 mile plus stretch of the most stunning coastline anywhere in the world.  But we do have accidents just like every other community in America.  We also have highly dedicated and passionate 1st responders who stand by 24/7 every day of the year to keep us all safe and save lives.  Just yesterday Hwy 101 from Depoe Bay to Newport was blocked for many hours.  Although 100’s of drivers were frustrated, we all knew that a life was being saved somewhere down the highway a few miles.  As it turned out and as reported by the media, an elderly lady drove off the highway and rolled over onto the beach below.  This is a cliff area and potentially would have the worst outcome in an auto accident.  The good news is she was saved and transported to Corvallis for medical treatment.  It was an “all hands on deck” example of 1st responders getting to the scene in time to save a life. 

We are thankful and proud of our 1st responders who often are confronted with traumatic events that most of us never experience.  As America’s first line of homeland security, the heroes who keep us safe in our local communities, including fire, police, EMTs and USCG, often need our support while they heal from the symptoms of PTSD.  Next time you see a 1st responder, who may well be your friend or neighbor, please thank them for their service to America…  When all the wars are behind us many combat veterans returning home to life after war choose a career as a 1st responder.  Thank them twice…

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