1st Responders Cope and Live with the Stress of Trauma…

by | Nov 1, 2012

Mark Lamplugh Jr., Founder 1st Responders Treatment


Nathan’s Story…Quotes from the above website and story…

“Last year on April 11, 2011 my little brother Nathan went home to be with Jesus at 3am in the morning. Nathan was 27 years old and

had a heart of gold. He would do anything for anyone…. But he struggled with the horrible stuff he saw while being a firefighter and emt. He was broken inside and my family did everything we could do to help him get better. Problem was he didn’t want to admit he was weak and needed help.”

“My family helped him through many nights of him being upset and drinking to help forget his sadness, but it only made things worse cause he would cry on my dads shoulder telling my dad how much it hurt him to see the child that died or the father that was taken from his family too soon.”

The brave men and women who seek careers as 1st Responders,  represent our neighbors, friends, loved ones, and family members.  They  experience traumatic circumstances daily in their work.  The devastation of Hurricane Sandy and other recent public safety disasters of our time, remind us that just next door or down the street, or a volunteer co-worker who spends the weekends away or on-call, can suffer from the symptoms of moral injury and PTSD.  They often suffer in silence with severe emotional pain for fear of the stigma of mental health challenges.   The stark reality is the risk of being dismissed from the work they love making a difference for others and saving lives.  How do we help 1st Responders seek treatment without risk to careers?  And more importantly, how do we help mitigate the symptoms of PTSD, which is potentially dangerous to 1st Responders themselves, the public they serve and to their loved ones, who take on the symptoms of secondary PTSD?

Find out if you have a “1st Responder Treatment” resource like the one described in the above website in your area.  My bet is there is probably help like this in many cities and communities around the country.   If there isn’t start one…  Do not hesitate!  You owe it first to yourself, then family & loved ones, and especially the friends and neighbors you are protecting…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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