15 Stupid Worn Out Clichés to Stop Using…

by | May 25, 2021


Whirlwind tour

Any time someone says this to me, I don’t want go…

Patience of Job

What’s that? Nothing would ever get done if everyone was on a coffee break at the cooler all day. Never assume all the folks you hang with know who Job is from the Bible.

Never a dull moment

What does this mean? What’s so dull about dull? Who does that all day long?

Sands of time

This one makes me feel even older than my 70something years. I don’t want to hear this!

Paying the piper

This sounds like a crime. Why would anyone want to hear that?

March of history

Who’s March? What for? Why for? Whom for? The March month, maybe? There is no context or perspective to me. It’s stupid!

Hook, line, and sinker

So, as I recall, hearing this more than once in my lifetime, here’s the deal. If you are “hook(ed)” on something, you have a chance to unhook yourself. If there is a “line” attached to the hook, then you get jerked around so it’s tough. It’s very tough to get unhooked without someone else there to save your ass. If a “sinker ” is added, you are fucked! No way out.

Don’t take the bait in the first place, I’d say, after doing this a few times myself…

Long arm of the law

I used to know a few bullies back in the day. Some were cops. Others pretended. Others were on huge ego trips. Most had issues, and should never be connected to anything with “law” in the mix. It could be triggering to some…

In the nick of time

What’s “Nick?” Who’s “Nick?” I could see “ticktock” of time. It’s another stupid cliché, right?

Leave no stone unturned

I used this one back in the day, and still do once in awhile. We invented it. That’s how old I am. Now, I use, “Leave No Hot Stones Unturned.” Read this powerful article by Jason Evans, and learn more…

Fall on deaf ears

I have a dear friend and neighbor who is deaf in a very joyful and kind way. He sees and hears things more clearly than anyone I have ever known. Absolutely nothing is unheard by my friend. I’d say, please don’t say this to anyone, please for your souls sake.

Cool as a cucumber

I think a cucumber is cool and delicious in a salad, but not the main event. Pickles are actually ‘cool’ to me, but not as cool as a typical cucumber. I don’t know. It’s complicated and stupid too. Don’t you think?

Cry over spilled milk

I still hear this once in awhile. It is really about little ones spilling stuff all over like kids do. We don’t want to get upset and cry about that. Do we?

Champing at the bit

When I started my career, I had a sales manager who said that to me a lot. I still don’t know what it means. Do you? It’s kinda stupid, really…

This about covers it for my own assessment and musings about Clichés. It’s easy, ,”don’t do stupid,” my boss always said… I have experience doing stupid at times, and know well the lessons learned.

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